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8 RONIN Copyright & Privacy Terms and Conditions:

We'll keep it real simple here. The stuff on our website and any content that we share with you is our stuff. Please don't snag it, defame it or troll us on it. If you agree to be cool, please view it as many times as you like, borrow quotes and reference copy you find here ... (be sure to reference us) and enjoy!

We like our privacy and we think you do too. That's why we don't do creepy things like track your movements here. So don't worry, we turn a blind eye on you specifically ... but full disclosure, we do run Google Analytics to collect 'basic' site performance metrics, such as bounce rate, page visits and of course, we monitor any direct feedback you send us via our contact us page.

Well, that's it. Clear and simple, and we didn't even use a lawyer - even if we can afford one.

Be cool. See ya and thanks for checking out our disclaimer. We worked hard to write it.

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