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Kick-starting your tired (damaged) or new brand isn't about forging a new logo or slick campaign, it's about finding a message that will resonate with an audience that will form your base. The assumption that your current customers are your brand's 'base' is flawed. Your brand's base are those who will be with you through thick and thin, cheer on your victories and pat you on the back (and dust you off) if you fail them. It's a special relationship that goes beyond simply calling them 'customers' but rather 'fans'. 8R labs develops the necessary halos that lead to fandom.




Popularized by critical thinker Simon Sinek, we apply the “Golden Circle” discipline and start every assignment with WHY? Working together with our clients we identify “HOW” they can achieve their WHY and then we move forward to the deliverables (the WHAT’s) that engage the customer to the brand. 

Once we have a blueprint through the assistance of the “Golden Circle”, we proceed towards organizing a cohesive plan through our own proprietary tools which we call the “Brand Universe”.

Developing a great brand strategy and having an organized universe can only take your business so far. Creating a strong and lasting impression through creative disruption is essential for success. Using creative disruption, we create halos which leads to 'fans' of your brand.


Let’s be honest, you take your business seriously and we take our business seriously too. This being said, we believe the best work comes from having fun. One of the biggest reason we limit our client portfolio is because we believe in building a strong relationship with our clients. We can’t do that if we have hundreds of clients to manage. Trust is built upon honesty and quality time spent together. You can count on us to work our butts off, and bring the swagger you want from a creative team — and most importantly, deliver on what we promise you.

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