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truth is FREE, We are not.


There are typically two-types of clients that contact us. The first kind, is the kind we would rather avoid dealing with... these are the people who are shopping around, not for a better idea, or better relationship — but just wanting to spend less money. Now, looking for value — there's nothing wrong with that... in and of itself. However, looking to get inspired, expecting great passion all on the cheap, well, that's bullshit.

Sorry about that. We get a little pissed off that some people expect everything, for almost nothing... which leads me to this second point —'CLIENT TYPE-2' ... now this client makes us tingle. In fact, they can even scare us a little (just a little, we're big boys and girls here)... why? Simply put, they expect greatness from us and in return, they're willing to pay for it! But let's not get too carried away here. They aren't chumps. In fact, they're fairly tough to deal with. But they ARE fair. They will pay for something that they want, or for something they are willing to take a chance on. Like us, they just want to succeed. And we are good with that.

So, here's the deal... If you're visiting this page to look up rates and see what you can steal (or borrow, who's keeping track?), this is all you get. A big white page with typewriter font and some fair amount of reading. However, if you are more intrigued in meeting with us, because we told you the truth up-front with who we are, then we want to meet you too. We want to meet the person who will press us hard to do something special, but open a bottle champagne and toast to us, when we do good for them. We want a client who calls us in the middle of the night with a great idea (who are we kidding, no one calls anymore ... they message, but I digress), and is excited to go over it the next day. We want a brand that's not afraid to try something — not at all costs, but at all effort — with 100% ambition to be the best.

We are 8 RONIN, a collaboragency — we are specialists in our field and we are masterless, which means we don't work for you — we work with you. We aren't going to be a bunch of 'yes' people. We are going to be a bunch of people that will go to war with you. We want you to succeed and we want you to want us to succeed. And with that, unless you're client type-1, we're looking forward to meeting you.

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